Baymex EV Fast DC Charging Station Model

Based on the needs and preferences of you, we have designed the ACE EV Charging Station Model Baymex with High Power DC Output. It has an optional maximum power of 200kW, allowing EVs to charge to 80% in just 20 minutes. This model is particularly suitable for the charging network operation, small car parts companies, and commercial and retail real estate development industries. With Baymex, you can enhance your customers' charging experience and maximize your charging operation revenue. You can also customize your branding with your own brand on Baymex.

Products Details

ico Durable, weatherproof design ico  Bluetooth/wi-fi/Ethernet / 4G a variety of communication methods ico Single and double plugs in different scenarios of power outputico Simple operation and maintenance ico Constant power module and smart power allocation ico LOGO Customize.
Equip. / method: vernier caliper, tape measure, voltage withstand meter, resistance tester, knife ruler, etc. Operation content: inspect the appearance, size, function and performance of materials according to the operation instructions
ISO9001 Quality Management System is executed properly. Serial Number/  Delivery Date / Inspection  Record /  Course Record  Requisition /  Record/ IQC  Record / Procurement Information, etc. All these processes are traceable.  If you have an EV charger idea (kickstart, crowdfunding) and the money to produce it but don’t know where to start, we will guide you every step of the way, from the prototype to the final product. If your annual purchasing volume exceeds $500,000 and you require a diverse range of products, we can provide Appearance Design, Moulding, and Certification, as well as customize all EV charger accessories, to help you grow your business.

If you are interested in EV Chargers Stations, we can help you to make your own chargers: Re-Branding Co-License, customizing covers/cable length/ packaging. Achieve your brand dreams. We can meet all your e-commerce (Shopify, Amazon) requirements.


Maximize your ROI

With the wide availability of 60kW 80kW 120kW 160kW 200kW Output,  EV fast charging Baymex keeps your station up and running. Fully automatic PCB SMT ensures stable and reliable production of all hardware boards. Strictly controls the quality of incoming materials and adopts redundant stocking mechanisms to ensure the smooth delivery of products. Complete experiments and test instruments, the output quality is strictly controlled.icoCertification and Conformity: IEC61851-1,IEC62196-1/-2,SAE J1772 ico Distribute power via load balancing, multiple fault protection ico 2 vehicles charging at the same timeWith continuous effort of the professional R&D and Sales & Service Team, Acecharger is already capable of manufacturing all kinds of EV charging stations and providing clients with a complete charging solution.EMI tester/ High-low Temp.cycles/ Anechoic chamber/ Vibration test bench/ AC power grid simulator/ Electronic load/ Vector network analyzer/  Multi channel temperature/ Oscilloscope, etc. All these facilities ensure that we only supply the best EV chargers

We offer sustainable charging solutions that make perfect sense for every business and EV driver.


Easy your business

Baymex is a fast DC charging station, composed of DC smart energy meter, voltage sensor transmitter, charging power supply module, DC contactor, etc. Easy production and assembly process,Baymex has a low equipment failure rate and maintenance cost.


Suitable for every location

Strong adaptability to the environment: it can be installed outdoors and indoors.High car charging compatibility: 150-1000V voltage output of different levels, to meet the needs of different types of vehicles.
Main Standard GB/T 18487.1-2015; GB/T 27930-2015;
GB/T 20234.1-2015; GB/T 20234.3-2015;
AC Power Input Rating TN-S, 380V±15%, 50/60Hz
Power Wiring 3-Phase, 5 Wires - L1/L2/L3, Neutral plus PE
DC Voltage Output 200 ~ 750VDC
Charging Gun Meet GB/T 20234.3-2015, 1/2-Gun (with temp. detector), 5m cable
DC Power Output Rating 60kW 80kW 120kW 160kW 200kW
The Maximum Output Current 150A-max 200A-max 200A-max 250A-max 250A-max
PF (Power Factor) ≥98% (@50% ~ 100% full load output power)
THD-I ≤5%
Peak Efficiency ≥96% (@750V, 50% ~ 100% full load, rated input Voltage)
Voltage Stabilized Accuracy <0.5%
Current Stabilized Accuracy <±1%
Output Voltage Error ±0.5%
Output Current Error ≤±1% (when output current ≥ 30A); ≤±0.3A (when output current < 30A)
Ripple Factor ≤±0.5%(RMS)
Electric energy measurement method Measuring DC output electric energy
Auxiliary Power Supply 120W, 12/24 VDC switchable
Connector Mechanical Operating Life ≥10000 times
User Interface & Control
Charging Control Plug and Play, RFID Card or App
Human-Machine Interface 7-inch LCD Touchable Screen
Indicators 4 LED indicators-Power/ Fault / Charging A / Charging B
External Communication Either Ethernet
OCPP Protocol (Optional) OCPP 1.6

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