Pandaa EV Fast Charger for Business

With a max output of 22kw, Pandaa is perfect for workplaces, retail locations, hospitals, supermarkets, motels, and more. This 22kw car charger also comes in a 3 phase option, providing even faster charging times. UL listed for safety and reliability, this ev charger commercial model is compatible with lEC Type 2 charging. Connect Pandaa to your network via Wi-Fi or RJ-45 interface, and control your charging stations from anywhere with the easy-to-use app (available for Android and iOS). You can track and manage your charging stations, receive remote firmware updates, and even earn revenue.

Products Details

Model Number Pandaa116EN Pandaa132EN Pandaa216EN Pandaa232EN
Rated Maximum Power 3.5kW(@230V, 1 -phase) 7kW (@230V, 1 -phase) llkW (@400V, 3-phase) 22kW (@400V, 3-phase)
Rated Maximum Current 16A 32A 16A 32A
Mounting Wall-mounted Enclosure rated IP54
Charging connector IEC 62196-2, Type 2 Altitude W 2000m
Charging cable length 5m (Standard configuration) Storage temperature -40〜75°C
Dimension (HxWxD) 410mm x 260mm x 140mm Operating temperature -30〜55°C
Net Weight M3Wl:<9kg; M3W3:< 11kg Relative humidity W 95%RH, No water droplet condensation
Color & Material Front panel: Black, Tempered Glass Vibration < 0.5G, No acute vibration and impaction
Back cover: Gray, Metal Plate Installation location Indoor or outdoor, good ventilation, no flammable, explosive gases
ico Durable, weatherproof design ico  Indoor and outdoor installation ico Connecting mobile phones to APPico Easy Payment Processing ico Keep 100% of revenue generated ico Charging Report
Equip. / method: vernier caliper, tape measure, voltage withstand meter, resistance tester, knife ruler, etc. Operation content: inspect the appearance, size, function and performance of materials according to the operation instructions
ISO9001 Quality Management System is executed properly. Serial Number/  Delivery Date / Inspection  Record /  Course Record  Requisition /  Record/ IQC  Record / Procurement Information, etc. All these processes are traceable.  If you have an EV charger idea (kickstart, crowdfunding) and the money to produce it but don’t know where to start, we will guide you every step of the way, from the prototype to the final product. If you have an annual purchasing volume of more than $500,000 and need a wide range of products, we can offer Appearance Design, Moulding, and apply Certification for you, and customize all EV charger accessories, to grow your business.

If you are interested in Home EV Chargers, no matter Level 1  or Level 2, we can help you to make your own chargers: Re-Branding Co-License, customizing covers/cable length/ packaging. Achieve your brand dreams. We can meet all your e-commerce (Shopify, Amazon) requirements.


Easy to install and maintain

Pandaa features a modular structure, making it easy to install and maintain an EV business charging network. It perfectly adapts to various locations, simply installed by: one or two connectors mounted on a wall or a pole—it's all up to you.RELIABLE PARTNER

Build your own EV charger

ACE EV charger Pandaa is qualified with CE certification, such as LVD, RED, RoHS and passed the REACH test, which is applicable to European. Safe and reliable, with multiple fault protection. Load balance via PLC, do not need special communication cableico IP54&lK08rated for indoor or outdoor applications. ico LOGO.color function etc. are customizable ico OEM/ODMincluding size,shape etc. areavailableWith continuous effort of the professional R&D and Sales & Service Team, Acecharger is already capable of manufacturing all kinds of EV charging stations and providing clients with a complete charging solution.EMI tester/ High-low Temp.cycles/ Anechoic chamber/ Vibration test bench/ AC power grid simulator/ Electronic load/ Vector network analyzer/  Multi channel temperature/ Oscilloscope, etc. All these facilities ensure that we only supply the best EV chargers

We offer sustainable charging solutions that make perfect sense for every business and EV driver.


Smart Charging

With our Commercial Software, you can control users, set pay-per-use fees, configure power management, convenient payment collection, and much more.  Keep more of your revenues from EV Charging.

Pandaa is the ultimate solution for all your EV charging needs. With a range of charging options, including a Level 2 EV charger, 7kw home charger, Level 2 charging station, and Level 2 electric car charger, you can choose the best one that suits your requirements. The 22kw 3-phase car charger provides a fast charging option for those on the go. As a leading EV charger manufacturer, Pandaa is committed to providing the highest quality products. With J1772 Level 2 charger and Level 2 electric vehicle charger options, as well as electric charging points and a Level 2 EV charging station, Pandaa is a reliable and trusted choice. So whether you're looking for an electric car charger for your home, public charging stations, or hybrid charging station, Pandaa has got you covered.

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